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  1. xTreme

    HUAWEI Ascend -G300-[U8818]- Download Here Full Free

    ICS KERNEL (103Mb) ——–>>>> DOWNLOAD
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  3. xTreme

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  7. xTreme

    Oppo a37f

    All in one Oppo a37f guide :- rooting, downgrading , unlock bootloader and many more
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  9. xTreme

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  10. xTreme

    BST Dongle Released V3.40.00

    Where Download: Official Website: Homepage - GsmBest Team Official Mirrors: Official Mirrors:!9NVnEKzA!NIA6djHON...hrAFd7_e6wirnA Official Mirrors: How To Starting: > Download and Install...
  11. xTreme

    BST Dongle Released V3.40.00

    Added Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO (Qualcomm base) Read NVM, suggest backup original nvm via Read NVM before repair imei/Erase NVM etc; Added Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO (Qualcomm base) Skip NVM for flash, will skip write NVM partition when option checked; Added Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO (Qualcomm base) Skip Userdata for...
  12. xTreme

    How to root & Unlock Note Edge SM-N915P PD1 thru Pxx (6.0.1) for Global GSM

    DISCLAMER: Rooting the device will void the phone warranty, by following these steps you accepting it. NOTE: Before to proceed be aware of the fact that root is not needed if you just would like to SIM unlock the phone as our app now works even on stock rom. 1.) Go to Settings > About device >...
  13. xTreme

    Need Help C7000 FRP

    Salam to all.. i need C7000ZHU2BQL2 compatibility combination file.. Plz.,
  14. xTreme

    Huawei KIW-L21 Honor 5x FRP Reset Done

    --------- 2017-12-06 13:55:18 --------- SigmaKey 2.26.17b1 Qcom: Remove FRP / Huawei ID ^ Android Sooner Single ADB Interface, Version 0.5, Name: MSM8916, Serial number: fada6a13 Phone model: KIW-L21 Version: KIW-L21C432B360 Removing FRP lock...Done
  15. xTreme

    ZTE Blade Q Lux unlock done

    Smart-Clip 2 v.1.27.00 Smart-Clip 2 dongle 1.27, Initializing...OK Pack 2: Activated Pack 3: Activated Pack 4: Activated Pack 5: Activated --------- 2017-12-07 12:09:56 --------- Smart-Clip 2 1.27.00 ADB: Direct unlock * daemon not running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * ^...
  16. xTreme

    Vodafone Smart Prime 7 / VDF 600 frp remove Done in FTM Mode with sigma box

    --------- 2017-12-07 14:32:03 --------- SigmaKey 2.26.06 Qcom: Remove FRP / Huawei ID ZTE HS-USB Diagnostics Interface Driver (COM46), Provider: ZTE Corporation, Driver ver.: 10.2066.1.4, Date: 3/28/2011, USB\VID_19D2&PID_0500&REV_0310&MI_00 Version: ZA_MR1_VDF_P809V50V1.0.0B02, Firmware...
  17. xTreme

    Successfully unlocked/repaired phones by Infinity-Box

    Operation : Reset Settings [ v1.15 ] 1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back 2. PRESS and HOLD BOTH VOLUME KEYS! 3. Insert USB cable. In some cases require use EDL cable or TP to force EDL mode! Wait for phone... Device not found! Check cable, connection and drivers! Reconnect...
  18. xTreme

    A510F Android 7 FRP Remove Done With EFT Dongle!

  19. xTreme

    nokia 808 Security status : Security Damaged!!!!!

    nokia 808 startup failed CCC/HWC not found in best folder Connected phone - Nokia 808 PureView Software Info: V 79u_sr2_12w12_7 18-05-12 RM-807 (c) Nokia IMEI: 351965050241339 Ape Version: 112.020.0309 Product code: 059P7Z2 Wait, when phone will be ready ... Checking... SimLock status...
  20. xTreme

    NCK Dongle / NCK PRO Android MTK Module v2.5.7.5 Update Released

    Added HUAWEI MTK PHONES: Read Bootloader Code (Beta) Standalone No server needed No Huawei dog FRP Unlock code (Beta) World's First Standalone No server needed No Huawei dog Codes was tested in following phones: Huawei Y5 II CUN-L01 Huawei Y5 II CUN-L02 Huawei Y5 II CUN-L03 Huawei Y5 II...

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