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YouTube unveils stories-like feature for creators called “Reels”

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YouTube has unveiled a new feature for creators called “Reels”. This is YouTube’s official spin on the popular stories format first popularized by Snapchat before it took off on Instagram. The feature is an expansion to YouTube’s efforts to join creators with their fans on a more intimate level with YouTube Community, a place where creators can post updates and snippets between video releases. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat stories, YouTube’s Reels will not necessarily expire after 24 hours. They can be kept forever, and they can be organized into different events or projects. For instance, a creator can post video Reels to a folder from an all-day event. Subscribers can view these stories and find past stories. This way, creators can compile multiple clips into a single collection. A nifty feature is the ability to link to videos within Reels. Currently, the feature is rolling out to creators with more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers. This is certainly a new approach to...

Deal: 128GB Google Pixel 2 XL down to $900

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There’s a face we didn’t expect to see this Black Friday – the Google Pixel 2 XL. The phone is so hard to find that eBay units usually cost more than the original asking price rather than being offered at a discount. And yet here we have a deal that lets you have the 128GB Pixel 2 XL for $899.99 with sales tax charged only to those living in Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey and Texas. Even if you do live in one of those four states, however, you will be saving $50 compared to what you’d need to pay if you ordered from the Google Store. Just as with Google though, you only get the Just Black version of the phone with the Black and White one unavailable. The seller also offers international shipping, but transport and import costs will probably make it all too expensive to be worth it. Anyway, if you feel like treating yourself to Google’s latest and greatest follow this link to check out the deal.

Verizon is offering Asus Zenfone V for free

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Asus Zenfone V was went official as a Verizon-exclusive in the US in September. The phone carried a launch price tag of $240, while the carrier has also been offering it on monthly plans for $10/month. Now, as a part of the carrier's Black Friday promotions the device is offered for free when purchased on a contract. You need to active a new line of service and shell out $240 initially. You'll however get promo credits worth that amount applied over the period of 24 months. It's a limited time deal that ends today. For more info, head to the Source link below. Source

Here are Sony's Black Friday deals

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Sony has started its Black Friday deals across its online stores and retail partners. You can save big on smartphones, headphones, smart bands and accessories. The flagship Sony Xperia XZ1 is €100/£100 off in both the German store (where it's the only smartphone currently on offer) and the UK store. The UK Sony store has the biggest selection of smartphones on discount - Xperia XZ Premium £549 (down £100) - Xperia XA1 £149 (down £80) - Xperia L1 £99 (down £70). The PlayStation store has its own Black Friday deals - you can go check them out too. Sony German store Sony United Kingdom store Sony PlayStation store

Deal: Sony Xperia XZ Premium down to $550

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You can currently grab the Snapdragon 835-powered Sony Xperia XZ Premium for $550 in the US, $150 down on its usual price. Both Amazon and Best Buy are offering the deal, but while the latter has black, gray, and pink available, Amazon is only offering the $150 discount on black and pink models. The red model is discounted as well, but by only $100. Those looking to spend less can check out the B&H deal on the Moto Z Play. The retailer has the device listed for $299.99, down from the usual $499. Not only that, a free B&H Photo Video Basic Photo/Video Kit is included with each purchase as well - it's worth $35 normally. For more info on these deals, head to the Source links below. Source 1 2 3

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note8 is now available from the Microsoft Store too

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Microsoft likes to sell Samsung's high-end smartphones in its online store for some reason. Not long ago we saw the Galaxy S8 and S8+ becoming available to purchase from the Microsoft Store, and today the Galaxy Note8 has joined them. Unlike the S-series devices, which can also be bought for use with carrier plans, the Note8 is only being offered in unlocked form. Oh, and it's not cheap at all. Each unit will set you back $929.99. On the other hand, if you don't mind going the carrier route and using monthly installments to pay for the Galaxy Note8, there are much better offers to be had at the likes of Verizon - we've covered these in our special post detailing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, make sure to check that out. Source | Via

OnePlus takes a stance against Black Friday, discounts 5T by a penny

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In times when smartphone companies lower their flagship prices for Black Friday, OnePlus decides to go against the trend and discounts its latest OnePlus 5T by only a penny. OnePlus said that it aims to deliver its products at fair price all-year round so it just can't offer any huge discounts for the occasion. This obviously implies that the competition tends to overcharge you when its phones are not on sale. The OnePlus 5T initially launched on November 16 and costs €499 for the 64 GB version and €559 for the 128 GB variant. Or, you know, €498.99 and €558.99 on Black Friday. One thing that gets discounted now, is a Dash Power Bundle that can be purchased at 50% off - €17.56, instead of €34.50. It's still something if you need another quick charger for your office. Source

Black Friday and Cyber Monday smartphone deals

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday last more than two days - we've been seeing great tech deals for a couple of weeks now. But the discounts have reached a fever pitch and it can be hard to navigate all the offers, so we decided to put the best of them in one place. The table below lists cool tech deals - smartphones mostly, it's what we do. The left column shows the region (Ctrl+F to quickly find yours). Links to the stores are available in the right column (click on the price) with some additional details (e.g. amount discounted, trade-in required and so on). Region Device Price UK(Three) Apple iPhone SE £20/mo (save £144) UK(Three) Samsung Galaxy S7 edge £49 upfront, £36/mo (save £145) UK(Three) Huawei P10 Plus £49 upfront, £39/mo (save £79) UK(Three) Apple iPhone 8 £49 upfront, £45/mo (save £78) UK(Three) Apple iPhone 7 £49 upfront, £48/mo (100GB data, worldwide roaming) UK LG G6 £363.20 (£650 MSRP) US (T-Mobile) Motorola Moto Z2 Force $375...

Deal: LG G6 for £363 on Amazon

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The V30 may be the hottest LG phone these adys, but the LG G6, introduced in February, is still a pretty solid device. And now you can own one for as low as £363.20 on Amazon. This is a 42% discount from the original asking price for a 32 GB unit in either Astro Black or Platinum Ice color. Sure, it’s the smaller memory option, but LG G6 has a microSD that can take up to 256 GB storage. With a great camera and one of the first 18:9 ratio screens, the LG G6 sure sounds like a steal if you can overlook the fact that it's rocking a Snapdragon 821 chipset, which was last year's top dog. Source

Here are Three UK's Black Friday deals

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If you've heard any two words this week the most, they are Black Friday. Deals week is upon is and it's time for Three UK to share its promos. They include price cuts on contracts and smartphones with savings up to £145 on offers ending on Monday, 27.11. Black Friday Deals: SIM Only - 100GB data, unlimited mins and texts just £20 a month (Was £26) iPhone SE - 4GB data, unlimited mins and texts just £20 a month (Save £144) Galaxy S7 Edge - 12GB data, unlimited mins and texts just £36 (Save £145) Huawei P10 Plus - 12GB data, unlimited mins and texts just £39 (Save £79) iPhone 7 - 100GB data, unlimited mins and texts just £48 (Save £78) iPhone 8 - 30GB data, unlimited mins and texts just £45 You can find the complete details and take advantage of any of the offers over here.

Android Messages updated with Duo and payment support

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A new update to Google’s default SMS application – Android Messages – Is now rolling out to all users. This update brings the Android Messages app from version 2.5 to version 2.7. While there aren’t any significant changes to the interface, the APK did get a size reduction as well as two new features integrated into the app. The first feature, Duo is Android’s default video calling app, and placing a video calling icon right in the SMS conversation window is a great way to get more folks using the free service. Duo calling button Also new to the Android messages app is a method of sending or requesting payments from friends. The service is provided by Google Wallet, which was among the first NFC payment services in the US before Google phased it into Android Pay. Google Wallet also had its own debit card, but it has also been phased out. Requesting money According to an APK teardown by Android Police, the app is also getting ready to streamline the notification...

Deal: LG G6 drops to $119.76 with Sprint installment plan

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This week the deals in the mobile space are aplenty, what with Black Friday coming up and all that. If you're interested in purchasing an LG G6 and would rather have Sprint as your carrier than US Cellular, here's an amazing offer for you. Best Buy is currently selling Sprint's LG G6 version for only $4.99 month with a two-year installment plan (and $0 down). That means you'll end up paying a grand total of $119.76 for the handset when those two years are up. That's pretty insane even compared to Sprint's current retail pricing of the G6, which is $480 - to say nothing of the device's initial price point when it launched this spring. As usual with such exciting deals, there's no information on when this one will end. It might go on for a while, or be a limited-time thing which expires in a few days. To be sure you grab the G6 at this price, you will need to act fast.

Deal: Save $350 on Samsung Galaxy Note8, S8/S8+

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Purchasing any of Samsung's latest high end phones - Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note8 can now be $350 cheaper. Best Buy is offering the deal on Sprint and Verizon variants if you opt for monthly payment plans. For Verizon S8, S8+, and Note8, you'll have to pay $15.41/mo, $19.41/mo, and $24.41/mo, respectively. For the Sprint models, you'll have to shell out $16.66/mo, $20.83/mo, and $25.41/mo, respectively. There's a deal on AT&T models as well, allowing you to net a free Galaxy S8 on purchase of an S8, S8+, or Note8. There's, however, a catch: one of the units should be on a new line. For more details, head to the Source link below. Source

Oreo reaches 0.3% of the Android market in latest distribution chart

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At this point, the slow growth in distribution numbers for the latest version of Android is nothing new - the fact is, it's always been like this. It's still pretty funny to see Oreo at a whopping 0.3% of the market at the moment, growing from 0.2% one month ago. When interpreting those numbers, remember that Google released Android 8.0 Oreo back in August - but even so, it was nowhere to be seen in the chart in September. Anyway, this also goes to show how few Nexus, Pixel, and Sony devices are out in the wild, because up until now only (some of) those launched with or got updated to this iteration of the OS. Nougat on the other hand keeps growing steadily, reaching 20.6% of the pie this time around, up from 17.8% in October. Marshmallow is losing some traction but remains the most used version of Android right now, with 30.9% of the market. With 27.2%, Lollipop is still close by. KitKat is the oldest one that still nets double digits at 13.8%, while all the others combined...

Deal: Google drops Pixel C price to £299

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You may have forgotten all about it, but Google also makes tablets. The last one came out in 2015 so it's hardly cutting edge anymore, but a solid price cut aims to retain its relevance. The Pixel C has been dropped to £299 on the company's UK store. The only version on sale has 64 GB storage since the 32 GB version was discontinued at the start of the year. The tablet got an update to Android Oreo 8.0, which a real rarity for a slate. The Google UK store also has a deal on the detachable keyboard. Instead of the usual £119, it is now priced at £73. The stock might be limited since the 64 GB version is unavailable in the US, so shop quickly. Source

Facebook and Messenger will now share the same Stories

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Facebook has discontinued the Messenger Day feature within its messaging app. Now, instead of having two separate stories feature within the Messenger and main Facebook app, the company now has the same stories across both apps. What this means is that the Stories you see in the main Facebook app are the same ones that you see in the Messenger app. If you upload them in one app, they are visible in the other app. If you open them in one app, they are marked as viewed in the other app. This significantly simplifies the experience for users who no longer have to post twice across both platforms and also increases views for stories uploaded by users. Facebook is also reportedly working on enabling cross-posting Instagram Stories to Facebook but the reverse is not yet planned. All of this might sound confusing, but that’s because it is. Across its four main properties — Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp — Facebook had a Stories feature within all of them, independent of...

Skype for Android reaches 1 billion downloads

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It’s been a busy year for Skype, Microsoft’s messenger. It reached version 8.0, added PayPal support and themes, it plays better with other apps too. And all that hard work has been rewarded as the Android app joined the 1 billion downloads club. Skype for Android hit 100 million downloads in July 2013, then grew to 500 million downloads back in February 2015 and has continued to expand rapidly. Skype for Android got a refreshed UI and many new features this year Microsoft paid the whopping $8.5 billion in 2011 to acquire Skype from eBay. For comparison, the Redmond company payed $7.9 billion for Nokia’s device division. Source

BlackBerry Keyone Black Edition now available in Australia

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The BlackBerry Keyone Black Edition smartphone is steadily making its way to more countries around the world. The latest market it has entered is Australia, where the model is currently available through retailer JB Hi-Fi. As you can see, the all-black Keyone is being offered for AUD 899, which currently translates into around $695. As for deliveries, the listing says shipments begin within 3 days of placing order. So the wait isn't long. Some of the other markets that have already received this model include Singapore, Canada, UK, and India. BlackBerry had said the variant will arrive in key markets across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. Source

“Hey Google” wakeup command slowly rolling out to phones

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Currently, you can use either ‘Ok, Google’ or ‘Hey, Google’ to initiate a voice command with Google Home devices. The latter wake command has never worked on the mobile version of Google, until now that is. Google is now rolling out the ability to activate Google Assistant by saying “Hey, Google” instead of the more cumbersome “Okay, Google”. While not a significant change, it’s one worth mentioning. The new hotword was first discovered several days ago by XDA-Developers in an APK Teardown of one of the most recent updates to the Google App. Users who receive the update will receive a notification, prompting them to retrain their voices within the Google App. Let us know if you have received this update and which phone it was on. Via

Facebook Messenger users can now send/receive money through PayPal

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PayPal has announced that they've expanded their collaboration with Facebook by adding their service for P2P payments in the social networking giant's Messenger application. To access the feature - in both one-on-one chats and group chats - tap on the blue plus icon, then select the green colored Payments button, and then select PayPal to send funds. The feature is currently only rolling out in the US and limited to iOS, with Android support coming soon. Meanwhile, PayPal also introduced a customer service bot for Messenger, allowing you to seamlessly receive payment and account support directly in the messaging app. To get it you have to search for PayPal in the search field and type a message and the bot will assist you with your request. Source


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