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Google to 'start again' with Glass project

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Google is starting again from scratch with its Glass project, reports the New York Times. Sales of the controversial smart spectacles were halted in January and development of the prototype was also believed to have been stopped. Glass development is now being driven by former Apple gadget designer Tony Fadell, who has "reset" the project. The new version will be developed internally and only released when finished, the newspaper said. Poor performer First revealed in 2011, Google Glass made a big impact in mid-2012 when the company demonstrated it at its developers' conference using skydivers and stunt cyclists. But, said the Times in a lengthy article about the project's life, many working on the device were unhappy with this exposure because it meant its final development had to take place in public. The newspaper said the controversy the project gained gave rise to tensions among the development team, forcing some key researchers to leave. Now Glass is being overseen by...

Vivaldi browser reaches 500,000 downloads milestone in 10 days

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Oslo: The new Vivaldi internet browser was downloaded 500,000 times in its first 10 days of operation, the company told Reuters on Friday. Launched on January 27 for desktop computers, Vivaldi targets users who conduct a large number of searches, offering features like speed dials, personalised notes and bookmarks with small screenshots. "It's a very high number, especially if you consider that it's still a technical preview," founder and Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner said. When launching the browser, von Tetzchner, who owns 90 percent of the company, said it only needed "a few million users" to become profitable in a market dominated by household names like Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla Corp's Firefox, Apple's Safari and Opera Software.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet successor tipped with Tegra X1 chipset

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According to a new report, NVIDIA is hard at work on the successor of the Shield Android tablet. The sequel of the 8” gaming slate is rumored to launch in mid-March or earlier. Unsurprisingly, the biggest highlight in the upcoming tablet will be its NVIDIA Tegra X1 chipset with Maxwell GPU. Announced during CES in January, the X1 is the first mobile processor in the world capable of 1 teraflop floating point performance. Chipset aside, there is no other information available on the yet to be revealed slate. However, the 8” screen size of the current generation is likely to remain unchanged, as will the optional LTE connectivity. During the Tegra X1 unveiling, NVIDIA announced that devices with the new silicon will launch in the first half of this year. As always, we will be on the lookout for more info on the upcoming device. Until then, take the above report with a grain of salt. Source | Via

WhatsApp Voice Call Now Available for iOS users

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Soon after Android users began reporting the rollout of the WhatsApp free voice calling feature, iOS users with the latest version of the app are now reporting the presence of call buttons. The two new call buttons visible in the WhatsApp iOS app (v2.11.15 - currently available on the App Store) for now only bring up the standard iPhone dialler, rather than placing a VoIP call through WhatsApp. This should change when WhatsApp finally rolls out the functionality. One button, near the contact name within a chat conversation, features the phone symbol, while the other is present on the left side below the top pane, and reads 'Call'. The new buttons are definitely a new addition to the interface, and seem to be independent of the regular call feature via the dialler, which is still accessible when the user opens a contact's info page and navigates to the phone number.

Google Maps’ latest Android update will add support for Local Guides feature

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Google has started rolling out updates to its Maps app on the Android platform and the latest version number is 9.4. The most important feature of this update is the addition of the Local Guides service. Originally called the City Experts, the Local Guides is basically Google’s efforts to get locals to review businesses and share them with others. It employs rating systems for top reviewers just like Yelp and its Elite Reviewers system. You will get a star badge after you do more than 50 reviews on your account. There does not seem to be any quality check on the reviews, so long as the volume is high. According to their Facebook post, the Local Guides description reads thus, “Through Local Guides, an official Google program, you can share your firsthand local experiences, celebrate places near and far from home, connect with a global community of explorers like you, and help local businesses improve their products and services.” You can sign up for the Local Guides program with...

Google can improve in-car experience with software and sensors, but cannot be a car maker, says Diam

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Technology companies such as Google are unlikely to become mass car manufacturers, even if they have the potential to disrupt an industry increasingly focused on software and automated driving, the head of German carmaker Daimler said on Friday. In recent years, automakers and Silicon Valley companies have grown increasingly inter-dependent because next-generation cars need advanced software and sensors, shaking up the traditional pecking order among carmakers and their suppliers. While Google unveiled an advanced self-driving car last year, Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche said the U.S. company’s objective was probably to better understand how cars are used, rather than to become a manufacturer in its own right. “Google and the likes want to get involved, I don’t think in the first place to build vehicles,” Zetsche told analysts, adding that Google was studying the home, the office and the car as places where people spend time. “We have to understand that, and then to...

Paper makes iPad drawing tools free as it seeks to sell more Pencils

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One of the iPad's best-loved apps, Paper, is becoming that little bit more attractive today with the announcement that its full set of drawing tools will be bundled into the free app. Previously costing $0.99 each as in-app purchases, the Sketch, Outline, Write, Color, and Mixer tools are now available to all comers as soon as they download Paper. They add a watercolor paintbrush, a sketching pencil, a marker, and a ballpoint pen to the app's default fountain pen, while also allowing users to mix colors in a simulated palette. FiftyThree, the company that began its life with Paper in the spring of 2012, now has a pair of related projects that help explain how it can afford to make its software completely free. I spoke with CEO Georg Petschnigg ahead of today's news, and he laid out the thinking behind his company's choice to forego in-app revenue in search of a bigger prize. The poetic reason has to do with the Mix collaboration and sharing service that FiftyThree introduced in...

Android one Phones in India will get Lollipop (Android 5.0) Next Week

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After much speculation and a fair bit of controversy, a Google spokesperson on Wednesday said the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Android One smartphones in India will roll out in the next week or so. The update will be made available for all three Android One handsets - Micromax Canvas A1, Karbonn Sparkle V, and Spice Dream Uno - simultaneously. The spokesperson said no specific details about the rollout of the Android 5.0 Lollipop to other Android One smartphones in countries could be shared at the moment, though more information can be expected next week. Despite promising Android One users at launch they would be the 'first to receive updates', Google has not kept its word, with companies like Motorola, HTC, LG, and Samsung managing to roll out Android 5.0 Lollipop updates to some of their smartphones already. Three Android One smartphones have been launched in India thus far. The Karbonn Sparkle V, Micromax Canvas A1, and Spice Dream Uno are all dual-SIM smartphones that...

WhatsApp voice-call feature out in India

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WhatsApp has rolled out its new free voice-calling feature to a few users India which appears to be available on invite-only basis, as of now. The invite-only basis basically means that users will get a call through WhatsApp from someone who already has the feature updated. The feature is also restricted to Android only and you will need the updated 2.11.508 version to access the app. According to the images posted, users who receive the voice-calling feature will notice an icon for it, beside the Chats and Contacts tabs. The call interface seems to quite similar to a smartphone’s contact directory. The app keeps a record of recent WhatsApp calls as well. Facebook, which bought WhatsApp last year, recently revealed that the app has 700 million monthly active users and that over 30 billion messages are shared on WhatsApp everyday. With voice-calling feature coming soon, it’s likely that WhatsApp’s engagement number will rise further.

Xolo roll out Lollipop update: 1st indian brand in doing it

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Hi, Started the Lollipo update to be available on the xolo support. At the moment 2 models already have it available : the Xolo one and the Q610s The update is available both on OTA or off-line via PC Lets wait for when the other brands will do the same step.

Windows 10: a closer look at the future of Microsoft's vision for PCs

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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 preview offers up a good look at what the company is planning for the future of laptops and PCs. While Windows 8 was never received well by consumers or businesses, Windows 10 aims to make things a lot more familiar. We saw the new Start Menu when Microsoft released its first Windows 10 preview back in October, but things are changing rapidly. There's more built-in apps, user interface changes, and a whole new touch mode designed for 2-in-1 laptops and tablets. Windows 10 is still a work in progress, but Microsoft is soliciting feedback and changing parts of its operating system before it ships later this year. While the company demonstrated a number of new features and apps during its Windows 10 event last week, not everything is in preview straight away. A number of new apps will debut in the coming months, and Microsoft plans to more rapidly roll out new builds of Windows 10 to testers. Until then, let's take a look at what's new in the second...

Windows Holographic debuts alongside standalone Microsoft HoloLens headset

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The last thing Microsoft had to present to the world today has to do with augmented reality. Following a growing trend in the tech world, the company has announced its own entry into the VR headset space, which is called HoloLens. And it comes with some additional features compared to its competitors. The HoloLens, which you can see above, has see-through holographic lenses that superimpose “holograms” onto the world that’s actually around you, combining the physical with the digital. It also touts spatial sound, so you can hear when holograms are behind you. It’s actually its own computer, not needing to be tethered to a secondary device, be that a phone or a PC. It has a high-end CPU and GPU, and even something #Microsoft dubs an HPU, which stands for “holographic processing unit”. It’s powered by the new #Windows Holographic, and developers are said to already be working on apps for this platform. Holographic apps are Windows 10 universal apps, so it should be rather easy...

WhatsApp Web Client Released

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WhatsApp Web Client Release Allows You to Chat From Your Browser. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is available across a variety of mobile operating systems but, until today, there still wasn’t an easy and unified way to experience it from the desktop. WhatsApp just solved part of that problem with a new client called “WhatsApp Web.” Interested WhatsApp users simply need to open #Chrome and navigate to web.whatsapp.com to get started. On the site, you’ll see a QR code that you’ll scan using a #BlackBerry, Android, Symbian or Windows Phone device. WhatsApp says that it doesn’t work for iOS users right now “due to Apple platform limitations.” So long as you’re connected to the Internet from your phone, however, you’ll be able to chat from the Web interface. Everything is saved directly on your phone; this is basically just a mirror representation of what’s happening on your device. Hit the source to give the new interface a whirl, just be sure to update to the latest version of WhatsApp...

5 Best Free Download Manager Applications for Android

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Are you tired of the slow browser downloading and looking for a better way to download files on your Android device? Well, then download manager is the best solution for you. Download manager is a program designed to ease the process of downloading files. It accelerates downloads by splitting files into multiple sections and downloading them simultaneously, and therefore speed up the download process. Additionally, it can also resume broken downloads so you don’t have to start downloading from the beginning. Although web browsers may have built-in download manager, but they do not speed things up the way download managers do. There are numerous download manager apps available on Google play store that you can use to ease your downloading work. The following are some of the best free download manager apps for Android. Advanced Download Manager Advanced Download Manager is one of the powerful download manager app made for Android platform. This app lets you download files in...


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