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    Amazon brings Firefox and Amazon Silk support to Fire TV

    Amazon has announced that all users of Fire TV devices will now be able to browser the web through Firefox and Amazon Silk browsers. While the Silk browser was made available for download at the end of last month, the addition of Firefox is new. The move comes shortly after Google decided to...
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    Acer unveils Android-powered 360° camera, multiple portable computers

    360° cameras have become popular in the Android world – some companies released add-ons, others made stand-alone devices. Now Acer has entered the game with an Android-powered camera. The company also unleashed some highly portable mobile computers and a full contingent of Predator gaming gear...
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    New OneDrive for iOS update brings support for animated GIF files

    Microsoft has pushed out a new update to the iOS client of its OneDrive app. The update, which bumps the app to version 8.8.9, brings along several changes, including support for animated GIF files. Aside from animated GIF support, the updated app now also lets you instantly switch...
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    Best Apps and Games of the Week

    yh, i have it tlkn is so good :cool:
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    Windows 10 Game Mode is now shipping with the latest Insider build

    Wwith great innovations like Xbox Play Anywhere, cross play and probably, best of all, the latest generation advanced DirectX 12, 2017 is shaping up as a great year for the gaming crowd as a whole and especially the "PC master race". But, as some of you might remember, there is yet another...
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    Super Mario Run for Android launching this March

    While we already knew that Super Mario Run is coming soon to Android, Nintendo has now confirmed the launch month. According to the Japanese company, it's first proper mobile game will be available on Google's mobile platform this March. The game released on iOS early last month. It's also...
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    Nintendo Switch no longer available to pre-order in US

    The Nintendo Switch gaming console was officially unveiled late last week, and went on pre-order the same day. It's been just a few days, and a quick look now at the websites of retailers that were accepting the pre-orders reveals that the console has gone out of stock. Specifically, Best Buy...
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    Nintendo Switch launching on March 3 at $300

    The gaming console Nintendo Switch was revealed today and is now available for pre-order in limited quantities. If you don’t manage to preorder or you just want to wait, the date is March 3 - then the console will be available in 31 European countries including UK, France, Germany, Denmark...
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    YouTube for iOS adds higher resolution options for small screen iPhones

    Google has rolled out an update for the YouTube app for iOS that bumps up the maximum resolution on some of the iPhones. While the largest 5.5-inch iPhones have had 1440p option for a while now, all the other iPhone models topped out at 720p. With the latest update, the 4.7-inch iPhones can...
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    Xbox Wireless Controller now comes in two new color options

    Microsoft has launched two new colors for the Xbox Wireless Controller - Red and Green/Orange. Both are listed on the Redmond, Washington-based company's online store - the former is available for purchase, while the latter is on pre-order (shipments beginning January 24). Aside from...
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    Samsung Odyssey 17 hands-on

    While the PC market feels glacial compared to the smartphone market, there’s one niche that keeps buying new and expensive devices. Many PC makers have dedicated gaming divisions and now Samsung wants a piece of that action. The result of that is the new Odyssey series that even has its own...
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    Dell announces UP3218K UltraSharp 32-inch 8K monitor

    Dell has announced its newest flagship monitor at CES this year, the UP3218K UltraSharp 32-inch with an astonishing 8K resolution. Along with the crazy high resolution, the monitor also supports outputting 1.07 billion colors and 100% coverage of Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces. For those not...
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    Windows 10 Creators Update will let you pause updates from being installed for up to 35 days

    If you have Windows 10 on your computer, you're probably not loving what Microsoft has done with the way its OS handles updates. Namely, the fact that you can't choose when to have new updates installed - the process is as automatic as it gets. If you do wish you could control when updates are...
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    Game Mode coming soon on Windows 10

    Windows 10 quickly made gamer fans thanks to perks like DirectX12. Now a new report has it the OS will become even more game-friendly. According to Microsoft tipster WalkingCat, the latest build of Windows 10 (14997) has a DLL file named “gamemode.dll”. Of course this doesn’t mean that such...
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    Super Mario Run coming soon to Android

    Those waiting for Super Mario Run on Android are about to get their prayers answered. The game has landed on the Play Store, although for nowit is only available for pre-registration. All this does is alert you when the game is available for download. There is no information on when the game...
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    Merry Christmas to you all!

    To All Gsmdunya Member's and Team.
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    Next-gen Nvidia Shield pictured, features redesigned controller

    While the tablet version seems to have been cancelled, the TV version of the Nvidia Shield lives on. It seems that the second generation will have a slightly revamped design for the controller. It sports a tessellated design and the media buttons have been moved to the bottom, while the...
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    Best Apps and Games of the Week

    Netflix After a long wait, Netflix finally announced the option to download content to your device for offline playback. The latest version of this app brings this feature to iOS and Android. Once you update, you will be able to download movies and television shows from a list of supported...
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    Android 7.1.1 Nougat will likely hit Nexus devices on December 6

    Amid the ongoing Nougat update frenzy in the smartphone realm, it appears Nexus owners will, once again, be blessed with bragging rights for running the latest and greatest Android version. This is all thanks to Google and the decision to thankfully continue supporting the Nexus line with...