1. T

    3uTools 2.27 - OS jailbreak & flash tool

    3uTools is an all in one Windows based application designed to work with any iOS device. 3uTools claims it is the most efficient iOS files and data management tool currently available. We can’t comment on the veracity of that statement, but it does make it easy to manage your apps, photos...
  2. Naveed Ali

    iOS 10.3.x Jailbreak Tool Update Latest Information

    We’ve already waited for a month again since we post the news related to iOS 10.3.x jailbreak tool on our 3uTools blogger last time. A lot of reports emerging online lately is suggesting that iOS 10.3.x may be delayed for those waiting for its jailbreak version. And it is rumored that the...
  3. Lilly

    3uTools Flashes iOS4.0~9.2 in Easy Mode Tutorial

    Notes before flash: 1. Please use iTunes to backup your important data before flash, or before flash, you can check the box of “Don't’ erase user’s data” so that your phone data can be kept. 2. Ensure you remember your iCloud account and password, or your device can't be activated after flash...