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    SM-A7000 Imei Repair Done

    Scanning devices ... 1 found dev[1] Manufactory: SAMSUNG Model: SM-A7000 Hardware: QCOM Mode: normal ----------------------------------------------------- Download: Press Vol Dn + Home + Power UART Cable Resistor: 523 K ReadCodes/Unlock/Repair: 1. Type...
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    Samsung A3000, A5000, A7000, A8000, A7100, C5000 ETC Unlock Bootloader & Install Google Gapps

    Download CROM App and install in hand set. Run the app and unlock your bootloader. After done flash supported Custom Recovery TWRP/CWM for you phone. Write google gapps via Custom Recovery TWRP/CWM. Google Gapps Full 436Mb GApps For Android 5.0.x GApps For Android 5.1.x GApps Minimal Edition...