1. Naveed Ali

    NCK Box / NCK Pro Qualcomm Module v0.8 Released

    Added: Motorola Latest Security Patch FRP Remove - Shall work on all Motorola Patch Level till before 5th of Month Update. Read Info & Partition Info. Wipe User Data. Generic Android Mobiles Reset Locks. This must Reset Pattern, Pin Password on supported devices. Added about 40 New Loaders...
  2. Abraham

    Smart-Clip2 v1.26.03 - New Alcatel, Huawei, Lenovo models in the list.

    Smart-Clip2 Software v1.26.03 released! We have expanded list of supported phone models with the new Huawei, Alcatel and Lenovo smartphones More info and discussion are HERE. Smart-Clip2-On! Best Regards GSMServer team
  3. Abi Wyeamn

    Ultimate Multi Tool QcFire v0.8 - MSM8996 Full Support, Alcatel and more..

    We are pleased to announce Ultimate Multi Tool - QcFire v0.8 The Ultimate Qualcomm Module Repair almost all Qualcomm Devices supporting Firehose Protocol Supported Brands - Alcatel - Cherry Mobile - Coolpad - HTC - Huawei - Lenovo - Lyf - Micromax - OnePlus - Oppo - Swipe - Vivo - Xiami - YU...
  4. Abi Wyeamn

    SigmaKey Software v2.19.07 released! Alcatel IMEI repair, Huawei bootloader password

    SigmaKey Software v2.19.07 released! This time we are glad to introduce Get bootloader unlock password feature for HiSilicon and Qcom-based Huawei smartphones. Repair IMEI operation on the Alcatel Qcom phones and more... More info and discussion are HERE. Best Regards GSMServer team
  5. Alexa

    Dead Alcatel Phone ? Want it back to stock ? Read this first !!!

    Hello all, in order to keep this section clean, this is the starting point that will (in most cases), fix your problem, and stop repeatedly asked question, like : - How to reset my blocked counter ? - I have a dead phone/tablet, what to do first ? - My phone doesn't power on, what to do ? -...
  6. Alexa

    Alcatel 4037N/R/T, 5020N/T, 5042T/W, 7024N/R/T/W, 7040N/R/T Important information

    As title says, Just to clarify - those are models with AUTHENTICATED BOOT, so requesting ROM's is useless, since those phones can ONLY be flashed on some of commercial boxes that supports them (Use search to find which boxes can do such operations.) Also, as WARNING, those phones also have...