1. Harry

    Nokia - Opera Mobile Store

    Nokia - Opera Mobile Store Opera Mobile Store offers thousands games and apps for various mobile platforms
  2. Alexa

    Best Apps and Games of the Week

    Bear Bear is an advanced note-taking app for iOS and macOS that lets you do everything from simple notes and to-do lists to code snippets and markup editor. The app supports inline images, smart data recognition for links, emails, addresses, and more, tagging, focus mode, iCloud sync, exporting...
  3. Alexa

    Best Apps and Games of the Week

    Evie Launcher This new launcher has an interesting UI, with a panel on the left that houses all your apps and widgets in a vertically scrolling list. You can also access the settings from that panel. On the homescreen you can swipe down to do a local as well as online search. You can also...
  4. geoghotki

    LG Schematics Hardware Tools

    LG Schematics ----------------- xxxx LG-200 - LG-600 - LG-510w Axxx A7150 - AX275 Bxxx B1200 - B1300 - B2000 - B2050 - B2070 - B2100 - B2150 - B2250 - BL40 Cxxx C1100 - C1150 - C1400 - C2100 - C2200 - C2500 - C3300 - C3310 - C3320 - C3380 - C3400 - C3600 - CE500 -CG225 - CU320 - CU400...