1. Alaina

    OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X cases now 30% off at the company store

    OnePlus 3T may have just been launched in Europe, but if you're still holding on to a OnePlus 2 or a OnePlus X, there are some deals to be scored - an array of cases for the two models have been discounted by 30%. The StyleSwap wooden (or Kevlar) covers for the OnePlus 2 are now priced at 18.89...
  2. M0YAL

    Galaxy Note 5 cases by Spigen now available for pre-order

    Casemakers always provide hints about the design and dimensions of upcoming handsets, particularly if they are much awaited high-end devices like the Galaxy Note 5. Over the past few weeks several renders from casemakers have appeared online which gave us a look at the possible design of the...