champ 4

  1. Imran Qaiser

    Dany Genius tab champ 4 firmware needed

    Dany Genius tablet champ 4 Rockchip 3026 firmware needed. Please help if any one have.
  2. JamilMobile

    Dany Genius Tab Champ 4 Rockchip Update Done

    Connect device to PC! Hold 'VolUp'+'VolDown' or 'VolUp', insert USB cable, press 'PowerOn'! Found active FlashInterface , connecting ... Detected : RK3066 Read Info Ok! Selected : RK3066__GENIUS TAB CHAMP-4.irkfw FastVerify : Ok , 0x627A8ACD FwInfoBlk : 0x0009 Load Ok! Operation : Flash...
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