dc unlocker

  1. xTreme

    DC-Unlocker V..1357 Introduces new Huawei platform support for Mate 9, Nova & etc.

    DC Unlocker Introduces World First support for NEW Huawei platform LATEST Huawei 2K Platform only on DC Unlocker. Huawei G9 Plus FRP, Huawei ID MLA-TL00 MLA-TL10 MLA-UL00 Huawei Maimang 5 FRP, Huawei ID MLA-AL00 MLA-AL10 MLA-CL00 Huawei Mate 9 FRP, Huawei ID MHA-AL10A MHA-AL10B MHA-AL10C...
  2. Abi Wyeamn

    DC Unlocker V..1322, DC Phoenix V22 and new APP for Android inside

    ADDED: Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0 Premium Edition M2-A01L (read bootloader code, FRP unlock) Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0 Standard Edition WiFi M2-A01W (read bootloader code, FRP unlock) Huawei Glory 4 (read unlock codes, direct unlock) ORANGE DIVE 70 (read unlock codes, unlock, read bootloader code...
  3. Abi Wyeamn

    DC Phoenix V19 added Huawei phones repair By TESTPOINT

    Latest Huawei phones can be repaired WITHOUT testpoint Please check feature table and tutorials before attempt repair Added Qualcomm Huawei Repair by testpoint: Y550, Y635 Mate 2, Net10, H871G This is FACTORY repair method for bricked Qualcomm phones. Testpoints can be seen after loading...
  4. Silent Angel

    DC-Unlocker v.1260 Huawei G8, 4X, 5X, MATE 8, MATE S unlock, FRP Erase ++more added

    DC Unlocker Version 1.00.1260 Huawei Mate S FRP unlock added Ascend G525 (Direct unlock, Read unlock codes, Read bootloader code) Ascend G527 (Direct unlock, Read unlock codes, Read bootloader code) Ascend G615 (Direct unlock, Read unlock codes, Read bootloader code) Ascend G7 Plus (Read...

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