1. M0YAL

    Samsung Experience 9.0 will have better, more standardized Emoji

    If you owned a Samsung phone in the past few years, chances are you used an emoji that looks totally different on an iPhone and might not convey the same message you wish to get across. A perfect example of this is the “rolling eyes” emoji, which… is exactly what it sounds like: someone rolling...
  2. M0YAL

    Android 8.1 fixes Google's previous absurd emoji designs

    You may remember few weeks back someone noticed that Google's burger emoji in Android 8.0 was all sorts of wrong, with its cheese below the patty and being an affront to all burgers and humanity in general. Then someone discovered the beer glass emoji was only half full (or half empty?) but...
  3. M0YAL

    Apple releases iOS 10.2 beta with Unicode 9.0 emoji set

    Apple released a new beta of iOS 10.1 to developers yesterday. It features a bunch of additions and improvements, but probably the biggest one for most users is going to be the new emoji. For starters, iOS finally added support for the Unicode 9.0 emoji set. This includes some new emoji, such...
  4. Alexa

    Google Photos lets you search with emoji

    Google has added the ability to search through your Photos library using emoji. The emoji search works pretty much like text search. The search engine tries its best to match photos with the entered emoji. As you can see in the image above, searching for a tiger emoji pulled up the one picture...
  5. Lilly

    SwiftKey updated for Marshmallow, adds new emoji

    Popular Android keyboard SwiftKey has been updated for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. One of the major changes, something users may have been looking forward to, is the inclusion of new emoji, that were added to Android in the latest 6.0.1 update. Of course, the new emoji will only be available to...