freedom 251

  1. Alexa

    Freedom 251's Creator Ringing Bells Comes Under Scrutiny After Controversy

    It all began with the announcement of the world’s cheapest smartphone - the $4 Freedom 251 made in India. The company behind the project - Ringing Bells - received a huge coverage in the media and received beyond positive backup from users around the world. The first odd thing to happen was the...
  2. M0YAL

    Freedom 251 Ordering Suspended As Website Can't Handle Traffic

    A smartphone costing $4 was always going to be a hit, but Indian company Ringing Bells had to learn the hard way exactly how much so. At 600,000 hits per second (by the company's own account), its website couldn't handle all the traffic and orders had to be suspended. Fret not though, Ringing...