g4 pro

  1. Gsm Lab

    LG G4 Pro/Note tipped to come with a plastic body and removable battery

    A rumor was started earlier this year, that the G4 might not be the company's true flagship for 2015. A metal-clad super high-end model was mentioned six months ago, and then resurfaced in rumors a few months later, but is yet to materialize. Both the G4 Pro and G4 Note monikers have been heard...
  2. Gsm Lab

    LG G4 Pro/Note could be released on October 10

    For quite a while now, LG has been rumored to be preparing a new flagship smartphone, one to launch in the latter half of this year. Recently some of the previously leaked details about it, such as having a premium metal build, have been refuted - but it looks like it's coming nevertheless. It...