1. Abraham

    GBKey Huawei Module ver 1.32 Released- Repair Imei/Imei2 for Huawei MTK based Phones

    HUAWEI MODULE VER 1.32 RELEASED ****************** *** WHAT'S NEW *** ****************** YOU NEED IT, WE GIVE IT TO YOU FREE - ADDED REPAIR IMEI/IMEI2 FOR FOLLOWING MODELS - Huawei Y3II - Huawei Y5II - Huawei Y6 Compact - Huawei Y6 Elite - Huawei Y6 Pro - Huawei GR3 - Huawei G Power - Huawei...
  2. Abraham

    GBKEY Huawei Module V1.30 Released, Repair Vendor, Country

    HUAWEI MODULE VER 1.30 RELEASED ****************** *** WHAT'S NEW *** ****************** RECOMMENDED USE THIS VER ADDED New Features TO Repair TAB - Repair Vendor (Qcom/HiSilicon) - Repair Country (Qcom/HiSilicon) REMINDER : After Repair Vendore/Country, a Factory Reset Will be done...
  3. Abraham

    GBKEY Huawei V1.28 WORLD FIRST Y3II and others..Check Inside

    HUAWEI MODULE VER 1.28 RELEASED ****************** *** WHAT'S NEW *** ****************** WORLD FIRST UNLOCK HUAWEI Y3II WITH 1 CLICK Others MTK can Be Supported like Y6 Pro JUST GIVE IT A TRY HOW TO Proceed : Click Unlock than Plug Power Off Phone to USb Cable. Code: GBKey Huawei Pack4...
  4. Abi Wyeamn

    GBKEY HUAWEI ver 1.23 Released, Y560, Y625...etc etc

    HUAWEI GBKEY MODULE VER 1.23 RELEASED **************** ** WHAT'S NEW ** **************** SUPPORT for HQXA BASED Phones y560, y625, ... and similar - Added Direct Unlock in Normal mode - Added IMEI Repair in Norml mode Just connect USB Cable to power-On Phone and Proceed. NO Root, NO...