gear s3

  1. Alexa

    Samsung Gear S2 classic 3G is now being sold for just $96 at T-Mobile

    If you like what Samsung's been doing with its smartwatches lately but think that the Gear S3 is too big, or simply don't like its design, or just don't mind buying an older device if it's cheaper, read on. T-Mobile is currently selling the Gear S2 classic for the insanely low amount of $96...
  2. Alexa

    Samsung offers its own teardown of the Gear S3

    We usually need to wait for publications to perform full teardowns of the latest hardware. This time around, Samsung has taken it upon itself to provide us with a full tear down of the Gear S3, so that fans can take a peek into what makes this watch tick (pun intended). The teardown shows a...
  3. Alexa

    Gear S3 again available to pre-order in UK from Samsung

    If you recall, official UK pre-orders for the Samsung Gear S3 went live late last month, but the stock lasted only for a few days. Well, the good news is that the South Korean company has again started accepting Gear S3 pre-orders in the UK. As was the case previously, both Classic and...
  4. M0YAL

    AT&T starts taking pre-orders for the Samsung Gear S3 frontier LTE tomorrow

    Earlier today Samsung decided to finally share availability details for its Gear S3 smartwatches. That information, however, only applies to the devices that will be sold through big third party retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, and also by Samsung itself. The Korean company mentioned that...
  5. Alexa

    Samsung Gear S3 classic and frontier will be available in the US on November 18

    More than two months after it made them official at IFA, Samsung is finally ready to launch the Gear S3 classic and Gear S3 frontier in the US. Although we've already seen Best Buy starting pre-orders for the duo, today the Korean company has officially revealed the release details for that...
  6. Alexa

    Samsung Gear S3 to be outed on September 1, event invite reveals

    It looks like the rumors about the upcoming Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch have been true. The Korean company has started sending out invites for an event at IFA in Berlin on September 1. And while the Gear S3 isn't mentioned by name in the invite (which you can see to the left), the clock hands in...