1. Alexa

    Sony Xperia L2 sales begin in UK

    The Sony Xperia L2 is now available for purchase in the UK. Retailer Clove has the device listed on its website for £199 (tax included), which currently translates into around $282. In case you aren't aware, the UK is not the first European market where the Xperia L2 is available - France and...
  2. Meet Singh

    LG V30 to launch on European carriers by the end of the year

    Like previous V-series phones, LG wasn’t too keen to launch the LG V30 it Europe. SIM-free has been available for a while now, but with little carrier involvement. That is about to change as the company announced plans to expand V30’s presence in partnership with several carriers. First is TIM...
  3. M0YAL

    Google Assistant for iOS arrives in the UK, Germany, and France

    Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and hate Siri? Do you happen to live in the UK, Germany, or France? Well then you're in luck, for starting today you get an alternative to Apple's own virtual assistant. The Google Assistant app for iOS that launched in the US back in May is now finally...
  4. Ville

    Nokia 8 goes on pre-order in Germany and Russia, cheaper than expected [Updated]

    Update: Pre-orders for the device are live in Australia as well. Retailer JB Hi-fi has the phone listed on its website, and is offering it for AUD 899, which currently translates to around $712. Shipments will begin September 7 onwards. Original story follows: The Nokia 8 finally became...
  5. M0YAL

    T-Mobile Germany promises Windows 10 update for a slew of Lumias within two weeks

    It seems the long wait for a Windows 10 OTA is almost over for a lot of #Lumia users. In a recent post T-Mobile Germany announced that the update is imminent for a number of Windows devices. But, before you get too excited and start furiously checking the update menu, the carrier also adds that...

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