google duo

  1. Alexa

    Google Duo will be integrated into the Pixel’s dialer, SMS, and contacts apps

    Google has been slowly but surely updating its latest couple of communications apps: Allo and Duo. However, the latest news comes in the form of integrating Duo into more apps so that Google’s Duo Video calling service can be activated at the tap of a button without even opening the app. With...
  2. Admin

    Google is making it easy for you to keep track of your Duo calls

    Google's smart video messaging app Duo might soon get a feature that's aimed at making it easy for users to keep track of calls made through the app. Basically, the functionality is nothing but the integration of Duo's call history with user's phone call history. The following pop-up has been...
  3. M0YAL

    Google Duo’s audio-only calling feature begins rolling out

    It was back in August last year when Google revealed that its video calling app Duo will soon start offering audio-only calling as a feature. For those who have been waiting for the functionality all this while, you’ll be glad to know that the roll out has finally begun. “This feature will be...
  4. Alexa

    Google Duo is the top free Android app already

    Just days after it started rolling out, Google's new video calling app Duo has become the top free Android app in the US. Justin Uberti, Duo's technical lead, shared the news in a tweet, where-in he also revealed that the app has been launched worldwide. To refresh, Duo just requires your...
  5. Alexa

    Some of Allo’s new sticker packs leak, and they’re a bit risque

    Google recently launched Duo, the company’s newest mobile video calling app set out to directly rival with Facetime. Google’s Duo was only released a few days ago and it is already sitting at number one in the Google Play Store and reached top 30 on the iOS app store. All this thanks to Duo’s...