gsm aladdin

  1. Abi Wyeamn

    GSM Aladdin Ver 1.39|SPD FRP|HTC Sprint Phone Unlock|MTK Read/Write Preloader & More.

    GSM ALADDIN more than your expectation Version 1.39 - 26th Aug 2016 What New In Update :- 1 MTK Add Nokia RM-1134 read/write bin support 2 MTK Add Nokia RM-1134 Unlock/format support 3 MTK Add Read/Write Preloader support 4 MTK Improve Repair IMEI (BT mode) (first) 5 MTK Improve...
  2. Admin

    GSM Aladdin 1.38 |MTK EMMC Repart Internal Memory|MTK Univesal Flasher Add & More....

    What New In Update:- 1.MTK Add MTK Flasher(Android) [+] MTK UNIVERSAL FLASHER ADDED. 2.MTK Flasher Support MT65xx,MT67xx,MT81xx Scatter Write [+] ADDED Write Support Scatter MTK MT67xx,MT81xx Vairant CPU. 3.MTK Add Nokia RM-1172 Read/Write Bin Support [+] Nokia 230 (RM-1172) Read Bin...
  3. Abraham

    GSM Aladdin Released 1.36 With Most Unique Features Discussion Threa (16th Apr 1016)

    GSM ALADDIN more then your expectations... RELEASED 1.36 16th Apr 2016 GSM ALADDIN 1.36 NEWS-: 1. MTK Add RAM TEST (65xx/67xx) 2. MTK Improve Read Flash ID info 3. MTK Improve Remove Virus Add Virus DB 4. MTK Add BT Addr Repair (First) 5. MTK Add Modem ReInit 6. Android Add FRP Reset...
  4. Nadeem Waris

    GSM Aladdin V1.34 LG Add For Network Unlock/User Locks|MTK Add Analysis Scatter file

    GSM ALADDIN more then your expectation... RELEASED 1.34 06th FEB 2016 GSM ALADDIN 1.34 NEWS-: {GRAND UPDATE} 1.LG Add Reset User Lock (No Root) [#] Support Pin/Password/Pattern/Google Account/Knock Code unlock 2.LG Add Network Unlock [#] More Than 450+ Model Added 3.LG Add repair IMEI [#]...
  5. aukonline

    GSM Aladdin KEY V2 Storm Update 1.30|SCI 7715 EMMC Full Support|Improved Read Scatter

    GSM ALADDIN KEY V2 Come's Back with New Style. Come's Back with New Technology. Come's Back with New Features. Released Storm Update Version 1.30 [16th NOV 2015 ] ► GSM ALADDIN KEY V2 VER.1.30 News ◄ ☼ 1.Samsung Add Reset FRP ☼ 2.Samsung Improve Read PIT ☼ 3.Samsung Improve Write flash ☼...
  6. Admin

    GSM Aladdin KEY V2 Update 1.26 │Support SCI 7715│Read Phone Book ALL MTK & SCI 7730

    GSM ALADDIN KEY V2 Come's Back with New Style. Come's Back with New Technology. Come's Back with New Features. Released Ver 1.26 05th SEP 2015 GSM ALADDIN KEY V2 VER.1.26 News: * MTK Add Back Phonebook (EMMC) * MTK Add MT6753/6735 EMMC read,write support * MTK Add MT6753/6735 EMMC...
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