happy new year

  1. Abi Wyeamn

    Avengers Box Android MTK Module v0.3.6 Released - Happy New Year

    Let's Take a Small amount of your time please, and take the advantage to thank you all for being such a great users of our products, and a great competitors to other teams who are with us in current GSM Field, we thank you ALL, and wish more success in business and life... We did a great job...
  2. Abi Wyeamn

    VolcanoBox Inferno MTK Ver1.1.5 Lot of Improvements & New Things - Happy New Year !!

    Added Backup BPLGInfo file while factory backup. The file contain all security/wifi/imie/blutooth/SN data/baseband etc Very Usefull for repairing phones security/wifi/imie/blutooth/SN data etc Added FlashType & PreloaderInfo to Android_info.txt Fixed Folder name wrong while NAND factory...