huawei nexus 6p

  1. Attitude

    Huawei Nexus 6P Angler fastboot commands

    List grabbed from running `strings` on the bootloader; it's probably incomplete. Most of these commands are untested, and all of them sound like they can seriously break your phone. Be careful. Tested: (all on a bootloader unlocked device) fastboot oem uart enable: changes "Console" on the...
  2. M

    Huawei NexUs 6p [Firmware] [Root] [Custom Recovery]

    Huawei NexUs 6p All in One Thread Fastboot+Adb Driver Factory images for Nexus 6P [Angler] 6.0.0 (MDA89D) 6.0.0 (MDB08K) Flashing Procedure: * Goto Settings /About Phone/ Tap on Build numbers 7 to 9 times until Developer mode is enabled. * Goto Developer Option enable OEM Unlocking &...