1. NiceLys

    Check the ASUS IFA press conference live here

    #ASUS will be hosting a press conference at 1PM local time in Berlin. #Asus announced lots of new Zenfones this August already, so we doubt we'll be seeing more of those today. The looped teaser suggest an All-in-One PC and a new Zenwatch. The event kicks off in 13:00 Berlin time, which is...
  2. NiceLys

    Huawei Mate S handled before its official IFA unveiling

    We're at the IFA grounds and waiting for today's slew of events, but someone got up close and personal with the Huawei Mate S (which flip-flopped between that name and Mate 7S during its numerous leaks). The #Huawei Mate S is a follow-up to the #Mate 7 with an all-metal body and a 5.7" screen...
  3. Root

    Samsung to demonstrate new sub-titling technologies at IFA

    Subtitle support has always been a tricky matter, especially when it comes to live streaming videos. However, Samsung wants to improve sub-titling support on its smart TVs to provide better and more accurate formats for the deaf and the blind as well as support new technologies. The technology...
  4. Princess

    Microsoft to have an IFA event on September 4, no Lumias in sight

    Microsoft is hard at work spreading the word on its shortly launching Windows 10. This, of source means hitting every possible venue it can get and what better candidate than the annual electronics convention in Berlin. The company has confirmed it will host an event called "Windows 10 Lights...