1. Alexa

    Special version of iTunes still has the App Store inside

    Last month Apple ripped the App Store out of iTunes for PC and Mac, alongside ringtones and other features, without bothering to tell anyone beforehand. Understandably, a few people have been upset ever since at the fact that iTunes 12.7 is less bloated than past versions. Bloat lovers have a...
  2. Abi Wyeamn

    Apple Releases iTunes 12.6.1

    In addition to macOS 10.12.5, Apple has released a minor version update to iTunes for macOS. iTunes 12.6.1 includes ‘minor app and performance improvements’ according to release notes. The update is available through the Mac App Store now. Apple has also released iOS 10.3.2 for iPhone and iPad...
  3. AIiMraN

    New iTunes Released 12.5.2 For Mac & Windows

    Apple has just released the 12.5.2 version of iTunes, available for Mac and Windows. This version of Mac does not yet support the new Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro, but it fixes the same bug in the Windows version Fixed a problem with the album organizations during their reproduction Fixed a...
  4. QMobiles

    iTunes 12.5.1

    With iOS 10 right on the cusp of being released to the public, Apple has released a brand new version of iTunes to support the upcoming mobile operating system. The new software brings iTunes up to version 12.5.1. Apple has just released it to the public, so it should be populating for users...
  5. Alexa

    iTunes update brings UI changes, music deletion bug fix

    Apple released an update for iTunes that brings with it some UI changes. You now see the return of the sidebar that shows your library folders and playlists. The icons for various sections, such as music, movies, tv shows, etc. have been replaced with the previous drop down menu. The current...