j111f frp reset done

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    SM-J111F FRP Reset Done

    [Reset FRP lock started] Selected model: SM-J111F Checking boot image... Present. Flashing boot image... Flashing boot image. After reboot, if the boot process get stuck, you can install a stock firmware. Flashing firmware... Waiting for download mode. Connecting. Reading PIT from phone...
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    J111F FRP Reset Done

    Operation: Reset FRP Selected model: SM-J111F Software version: 29.2 You must activate ADB before reset FRP Yes Goto 'Terms and conditions' press 'NEXT' and 'AGREE' EULA Yes Waiting ADB device... OK Reading phone info... Model: SM-J111F Android version: 5.1.1 Product code: SM-J111FZWDXFA...