jtag manager

  1. Abi Wyeamn

    RIFF Box 1/2 updates - JTAG Manager v1.78, eMMC Plugin v4.09, 12 new models

    Hello, RIFF Box v1/v2 updates, 15.05.2018: RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.78 --------------------------- - (SDK): more functions are now available (exported) for future Resurrector DLLs; - PKG Editor: added button 'Visual Conditional Writes' - which helps sorting write actions into specified...
  2. AIiMraN

    Download RIFF driver and software

    To start working with RIFF JTAG Box, You’ll need to download initial setup: RIFF Box JTAG Manager software setup This will install following files to Your computer: JTAG Manager software v1.61 JTAG Manager software v1.56 RIFF Box control port driver RIFF Box update port driver RIFF DCC...