1. QMobiles

    QMobile X2 Lite

    QMobile X2 Lite - Affordable & Smart! QMobile has introduced new phone X2 Lite which is based on android operating system while the screen size is also unique from the ordinary LCD displays. This latest addition to family is named as QMobile X2 Lite that bring you the features of a...
  2. Silent Angel

    I5i QMobile i5i Lite Flash File - Direct Download Links

    QMobile i5i Lite Flash File Direct Download Links Download MT6582__QMobile__QMobile_i5i_Lite__QMobile_i5i_Lite__4.4.2__ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.10 Password: Please report me if my link has broken.
  3. Silent Angel

    QMobile S1 Lite Flash File - Direct Download Links

    QMobile S1 Lite Flash File Direct Download Links Download Other Links S1 Lite - QMobile_S1_Lite_MP_12_07 S1 Lite - QMobile S1 Lite Flash File
  4. Amir Shah

    QMobile S1 Lite Flash File

    QMobile S1 Lite Flash File Download: QMobile S1 Lite Factory-Upgrade-Research ROM Phone QMobile S1 Lite – ROM Android 6.0 ONLY SC7731 Official Rom QMobile S1 Lite version: QMobile_S1_Lite_MP_12_07 – pike_wcn 6.0 MRA58K Gapps include – No Rooted Language support: Multilang Install ROM ...
  5. QMobiles

    QMobile S1 Lite

    QMobile Noir S1 Lite - Frame Every Shot! QMobile is presenting Noir S1 Lite with a lot of interesting surprises. One of them is an inexpensive, stylish and really impressive in this segment of the smartphones. Now with the launch of QMobile Noir S1 Lite, it is not very hard for Pakistani smart...
  6. Bakhshish Mdk

    P8 Lite Middle East Upgrade/Downgrade/Debrand/Convert/Bootloop/balong Fix

    Note: This method is tested on ALE-L21 Middle Eastern/African variant & should be used for this model only. Warning: I am not responsible if tried on other models and phone gets bricked. it may work or may not work for other models & regions. Steps: 1. Phone bootloader should be unlocked (How...
  7. Princess

    OPPO R7 Lite goes official with 720p screen and Lollipop

    Oppo has quietly listed a new addition to the R7 family, and it now includes the brand new R7 Lite. Identical to the R7 on the outside, the Lite brings a few hardware downgrades, and a due price reduction. The most readily noticeable change is the display resolution, which is 1,280x720 pixels...
  8. Alexa

    A10 QMobile A10 Lite V2 [MT6577]

    QMobile A10 Lite CPU: MT6577 Android v4.1.2 ID: ALPS.JB.MP.V1.19 MT6577__QMobile__QMobile A10 Lite__QMobile_A10_Lite__4.1.2__ALPS.JB.MP.V1.19