1. AIiMraN

    Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.00 r2 - MT6739 support, SPUnlock and more

    Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.00 r2 - MT6739 support, SPUnlock and more As we told earlier, it was found some kind of problems with v2.00 at some PC and some hardware configuration. Current release should help to fix it. More details please see here - Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.00 -...
  2. Alexa

    First 5G spec has been finalized, expect to start seeing 5G in 2018

    3GPP is an organization whose purpose is to define the industry standards for technologies that would succeed the 4G LTE standard. Today, 3GPP has set the specifications for 5G equipment in both towers and smartphones alike. This means that 5G standards have been set so that network and radio...
  3. Admin

    MediaTek likely to launch entry segment chipset with 18:9 support at IMC

    MediaTek likely to launch entry segment chipset with 18:9 support at India Mobile Congress MediaTek is likely to launch a new chipset meant for the Indian market at India Mobile Congress tomorrow. The new chipset will have a quad-core CPU and is meant for mid to entry level Android...
  4. Alexa

    Mediatek to announce Helio P23 and Helio P30 on August 29

    MediaTek started sending invites for an announcement of two new processors - the Helio P23 and the Helio P30. Details and specifications are expected to be unveiled at an event in Beijing on August 29. Thanks to a tip we got, there are already rumors about the chipsets. The Helio P23 is going...
  5. M0YAL

    Gionee launches A1 Signature Edition in India

    Gionee has launched a limited edition version of the A1 called the A1 Signature Edition. It literally comes with a signature on the back belonging to the Indian Cricket team captain, Virat Kohli. The phone will be available in limited quantities and exclusively through Amazon India, starting...
  6. Android

    Samsung Clone After Hard Reset Logo Changed To Mediatek Fixed

    Samsung Clone After Hard Reset Logo Changed To Mediatek Fixed You can fix mostly Samsung J1 J100H clone model By Using this Method Change logo to Mediatek from Samsung Logo. How To: Ttrun On you device and dail code *#2013# Reboot device enjoy its done
  7. Alexa

    Mediatek introduces Helio P20 SoC at MWC

    In keeping with its current product development path, as well as naming convention, MediaTek expanded its "P" family of chipsets with a new model - the Helio P20, expected to come to consumer devices in the second half of 2016. It is an all-around upgrade over the Helio P10, with a big focus on...
  8. M0YAL

    Helio X20 doesn't overheat, CPU enters octa-core Cortex-A53 mode past a certain temperature

    MediaTek entered the news yesterday for the wrong reason, with rumors of the Helio X20 chipset suffering from overheating issues, Snapdragon 810 style. Sources claimed that industry heavyweights Xiaomi, Lenovo and HTC were put off by the SoC's thermal behavior and weren't using it for future...
  9. M0YAL

    MediaTek Helio X20 allegedly plagued by overheating issues

    Remember the Snapdragon 810? If you do, chances are that you associate it with the infamous overheating issues. That reputation has plagued the chip almost constantly throughout its lifecycle and it was the major reason behind Samsung's decision to skip using the SoC on its Galaxy S6 line. Now...
  10. Alexa

    MediaTek confirms bug that affects Android devices running its chipsets

    MediaTek has officially confirmed the existence of a software bug that has put several Android devices running the company's chipsets at risk. The chip-maker says the issue in question only affects Android 4.4 KitKat devices. First reported by security researcher Justin Case earlier this...
  11. Root

    MediaTek to bring LTE to everyone with three ultra-affordable new chipsets

    The mobile market has definitely changed a lot in the past few years and while many big-name players might not appreciate the influx of new brands and increasingly more affordable offers, there seems to be no end in sight for the ongoing smartphone revolution. Nowadays, you really don't have to...
  12. Lilly

    Mediatek Helio P10 announced with octa-core CPU and Cat.6 LTE

    Mediatek just unveiled the new member of its midrange chipset lineup. The Helio P10 is set to replace the popular MT6752 SoC, found in the Meizu m1 note, Lenovo A7000 and Sony Xperia C4 among others. The "P" in the SoC model name stands for "premium performance" whereas the high-end...
  13. M0YAL

    Meizu MX6 to run on Helio X20 with 10-core processor

    MediaTek announced the Helio X20 chip back in May last year and the first mass-produced samples were expected to be available to the manufacturers by the end of 2015. Elephone P9000 was the first smartphone to supposedly utilize the X20 chip, but as it turned out the phone was downgraded to the...
  14. NiceLys

    HTC Desire 728 debuts in China with MediaTek MT6753 chipset on board

    HTC quietly introduced the affordable Desire 728 phablet in China. The dual-SIM device is available in two color schemes - white and gold, or black and gray. The Desire 728 packs 64-bit MediaTek 728 chipset with 1.3GHz octa-core CPU and 2GB of RAM. The rest of the device’s specs include 16GB...
  15. Gsm Lab

    First leaked teaser picture of Xiaomi Mi 5 suggests a fingerprint scanner

    Xiaomi Mi 5 name popped up quite a few times throughout the last year and yet it is still under wraps. The most recent leak from AnTuTu's result database spilled the beans on the power of its chipset - suggesting either a new generation of Snapdragon 810 or 820, or perhaps the latest MediaTek...
  16. M0YAL

    Report: HTC Aero carrying MediaTek's deca-core chipset, might arrive as the HTC A9

    You might recall that HTC was supposed to release a "Hero" phone in October according to CEO Cher Wang. This was supposedly a phone called the HTC Aero. For a while, we heard about the Aero with one tipster saying that it was awesome. Then, last week, rumors started circulating about a flagship...