1. Abi Wyeamn

    Mkey v8.4.3 : E5573cs-322/E8372H-153/ E8372H-60/ EC5377 / B593 / MF920A / E5220 etc..

    Mkey - Professional Modem Unlock / Flash / Repair tool features list: (•) Easy & intellectual interface to use (*) Direct Unlock / Read Unlock codes / Calculate Unlock code via IMEI (*) Flashing / Repair half dead WITHOUT JTAG / Downgrade / Upgrade / Rebrand (*) Read ISO dashboard...
  2. Admin

    Mkey v8.4.2 Build 20.APR.2018 [MF920A,MF93D,E5573s-320,E5577-STS,E5330 and more]

    Mkey_v8.4.2_Build_20.04.2018_beta.exe [Released] - Improved CDMA Novatel and new Qualcomm ZTE for more stable flashing. - Added ZTE MF93D, MF920A, for Flashing / Unlocking / Repair - Added FW for Huawei E5330, E5577 STS. - Huawei E5573s-320 Secured version Unlock firmware 21.321.01.306...
  3. Naveed Ali

    Mkey v8.4.1 E5573 Telenor 21.323. + ZTE Unlock by IMEI + Alcatel Unlock by IMEI +MORE

    Mkey v8.4.1_Build_01.JAN.2018 [Released] Added more World First - on this Release! Alcatel Spreadtrum CPU Unlock by IMEI X602D/MTS232D/X232D ZTE WiseFone CPU Unlock by IMEI MF910W/MF920/MF920W/MF920W+/MTS835F ZTE MF65 Qcom CPU: Full support - Added IMEI Repair & Full-Rebuild EFS with...
  4. Naveed Ali

    Mkey v8.4.0 : MF79V, ZM8620, MF253, MF271, Z700A Unlock/Imei/Flash/more

    Mkey_v8.4.0_Build_17.NOV.2017 [Released] More World First - on this Release! ZTE MF79V, ZM8620, MF253, MF271, Z700A - Added FULL DEAD NEW ZTE ROUTERS & MODEMS can be REPAIR by One Click via Boot-Point ! HOT! - Added IMEI Repair & Full-Rebuild EFS with Clear all...
  5. Naveed Ali

    Mkey v8.3.9 - The Friday 13 Release! [NoJtag/OneClick - alive from the dead!]

    Mkey_v8.3.9_Build_13.OCT.2017 [Released] Brutally World First - The Friday 13 Release! ZTE R216/MF823/MF823A/MD823D/MF825/MF825A/MF825C/ MF831/MF90/MF90Plus/MF910L/MF910V/MF923/MF971/ MF975S/MF975U/MF259/MF283/ZM8630 - Added FULL DEAD NEW ZTE ROUTERS & MODEMS can be REPAIR by One Click via...
  6. Abi Wyeamn

    Mkey v8.3.5 Build 31.OCT.2016 [Released]

    Dear users! do not mistake IMEI changer and IMEI Repair! we not produce IMEI changer because this is Illegal and the are Criminal ! We make direct IMEI repair! This method working for Repair IMEI after JTAG or deffective or failure software in your modems !!! We also inform you about what we...
  7. John Ottman

    Mkey 8.3.2 Build 30 JAN 2016 Huawei v4 Diret Unlock & Flashing more models Added!

    Mkey_v8.3.2x_Build_30.JAN.2016[Beta].exe Almost new Huawei V3 & V4 - Direct UNLOCK / Unlock 0 Counter & IMEI REPAIR for no customized FW ADDED! For customied FW use Write Normal compatible FW and next do Unlock or imei repair. - New Huawei MDM Flashing E5330, E5330S, E5330BWs, E5375, E5377s...
  8. Nadeem Waris

    The 7ICE TEAM [ Mkey build 01.01.2016 ] 1St Update in New Year!

    Added: Direct MEID REPAIR For Pantech modems. Clear ESN/Meid For Novatel U760/MiFi2200. SPC Unlock For ZTE PEEL 3200 - World First! Improved SPC Reader for ZTE ACxx-Series. Happy New Year to All! B.R. 7ICE Team 2016 Mkey - Modem Unlock Key - GSM-Forum