1. Alaina

    Windows 10 Mobile flagships now out of stock on Microsoft's UK store, probably for good

    Microsoft's online store in the UK can't currently sell you either of the company's latest Windows 10 Mobile flagships. We're talking about the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL, both of which are out of stock at the moment. And while this is a more recent development for the Lumia 950 XL, the 950...
  2. Asmobile100

    Z12 Pro Q Mobile Z12 pro MT6735 Firmware Flash File

    Brand : QMobile ProdName : Z12_PRO ProdModel : Z12 PRO Device : Z12_PRO AndroidVer: 6.0 MTKxCPU : MT6735 MTKxPRJ : WBL7519QM_0401_T5820 [Read Ok] : preloader_gionee6753_65u_m0.bin [Read Ok] : lk.bin [Read Ok] : boot.img [Read Ok] : recovery.img [Read Ok] : logo.bin [Read Ok] : secro.img [Read...
  3. Alexa

    McDonald’s to offer mobile ordering and payments in the US

    McDonald’s the largest fast-food chain in the world, will update its restaurants with self-service kiosks, mobile payments, and table service. Reuters reports that McDonald’s will be updating restaurants with these new high-tech implementations with hopes to catch up to the other guys who are...
  4. Alaina

    Uber redesigns mobile app

    Uber has released a new version of its mobile app, featuring the first major redesign since 2012. The first thing you'll notice is the new icon, which ditches the green background of the previous app for a black and white icon. Next, you will also see the app no longer has the splash screen...
  5. Alexa

    60% of Apple's mobile devices are now running iOS 10

    Apple has released its latest iOS adoption numbers, revealing that the version 10 of its mobile operating system now powers 60% of compatible devices. That's a rise of 6% compared to the last time these figures were released. As for other versions, iOS 9's share currently stands at 32%, down...
  6. M0YAL

    A210 Rivo A210 Flash File

    A210 Rivo Advance firmware Rivo Mobile A210 Advance firmware Official factory firmware Download
  7. Princess

    Samsung now developing 11K mobile display, to be ready in 2018

    Today many people are still considering the Quad HD displays a result of a useless numbers race sacrificing processing power for little real life benefit. But Samsung is already looking way past that and is going after the next major step. Apparently Samsung partnered with 13 companies and...