1. Root

    Monkey virus removal tool

    Tested on Many Anti-Virus Completely Clean and safe !!! 1. Remove Monkey Virus in seconds ... No need any Box .. Just a USB Cable. 2. Autodetects Android Devices 3. No Net Framework Required. 4. No Data Lose 5. Only Infected Apps will be removed. 6. Tested on many devices with Success...
  2. QMobiles

    Monkey Test Virus Remover Tool for FREE

    FREE virus remover Monkey Test Adobe Air Security Plugin and other virus Remover Tool for FREE Download
  3. Lilly

    FIX for Monkey Test & Time Service Virus (Without Flashing)

    Hello everyone, This method I'm going to write is tried on my own Lenovo A7600-H Kitkat 4.4.2 tablet, which I did not flash because I'm not sure about stock roms available on the net. If I had found a reliable rom I wouldn't be able learn this To remove this virus you need to install busybox...