moto z play

  1. M0YAL

    Free Moto Mod with any Moto Z Purchase

    This is for that person whose Valentine was upset because you didn't get them a nice gift (or cheaped out), or for that person who just wants a Moto Z with a free Moto Mod. Motorola announced its "Lovemoto Sweethearts" deals that were going on all day today, and will continue on into tomorrow...
  2. M0YAL

    New leak of the Moto G5 Plus reveals 5.2-inch screen, 12MP camera, and NFC

    A Reddit post gained some attention after a day or so, originating from a member of a Brazilian Moto G4 community on Google + who claimed that he had the device in-hand for testing on operators. Unfortunately, he doesn’t talk much about the phone in the photo’s comments. What the Google + user...
  3. Anup Krsna

    Motorola says the unlocked Moto Z will get Nougat in February, Moto Z Play in March

    Motorola customers who opted for the unlocked version of the Moto Z, as opposed to the Verizon-exclusive Moto Z Droid models, are feeling a little miffed. Droid owners have been rocking the latest version of Android for months now, but the GSM unlocked variants (which usually get updates faster)...
  4. M0YAL

    Moto Z Play in Europe gets Android Nougat this month too

    Yesterday Motorola's arm in Germany revealed via its official Twitter account that the Moto X Play from 2015 is going to receive its Android Nougat update by the end of this month. And now the same account is back with basically the same time frame for the newer Moto Z Play. While the Moto Z...
  5. Alaina

    Verizon is offering the Moto Z Play for just $10 per month to new customers

    The Moto Z Play may not be the top of the line Moto Z model, but it is by far the one with the best battery life, thanks to its big 3,510 mAh cell. Paired with the Snapdragon 625 chipset, that offers pretty great endurance. The mid-ranger usually goes for $408 at Verizon, or 24 monthly payments...