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  1. Anup Krsna

    Chrome and Firefox will now tell you about insecure HTTP connections

    Google and Mozilla kick it up a notch warning you about sites vulnerable to hacking. Coming with the latest updates of Chrome v56 and Firefox v51 web broswers, you’ll know when you are submitting sensitive information over insecure HTTP connections. Warnings like that were a thing before, but...
  2. M0YAL

    Mozilla releases Firefox Focus for iOS

    Imagine if your browser always operated in incognito mode, and also blocked all ads and web trackers on the internet. That's pretty much Firefox Focus, Mozilla's latest browser for iOS. Focus has just one tab that you can browse in. There are no bookmarks and the browser does not save...
  3. Shell

    Mozilla could get $1 billion in the fallout of Yahoo sale

    Yahoo has been struggling for years, but it seems the final attempt has failed and the company is up for sale. As the bidders are lining up, one of the Yahoo's deals struck in 2014 may out Mozilla as the biggest winner after the sale. But let's go back in 2012, when Yahoo appointed the...
  4. NiceLys

    Mozilla Firefox for iOS Now Available for Public Preview

    Back in December Lukas Blakk, Mozilla Firefox's Release Manager, confirmed that Firefox will reach the iOS platform. Following the confirmation, the company in May this year conducted a limited beta test for Firefox on iOS, and finally released its first public preview this week. Mozilla has...