mx4 pro

  1. aukonline

    Meizu PRO 5 paves the way for a new sub-brand, launch scheduled for September 25

    In a bid to differentiate its true flagship from its almost-as-good-but-not-quite-there MX5, Meizu is mixing things up in terms of naming and the new top-end model will be called simply PRO 5. Compare that to the previous generation, where one was called MX4, and the other MX4 Pro. In a way...
  2. Roma

    Meizu chooses 1080p resolution for its next flagship smartphone

    #Meizu went with the whole QHD resolution touchscreen trend for the MX4 Pro, but apparently the Chinese company was not satisfied with the results. Hence, its next flagship smartphone will sport 'just' a 1080p display. This information has been made public by Meizu CEO Aber Bai on Weibo today...