1. Alexa

    Deal: Nextbit Robin just $150 on eBay

    The Nextbit Robin is an Android smartphone released with its much discussed cloud-based storage feature. The idea is that you can install all the apps you want without running out of space. Apps that you don’t use as much and photos are archived in the cloud while you sleep, and when you need...
  2. Alaina

    Nextbit Robin currently going for $170 in the US

    If you are in the United States, and are planning to purchase the cloud-focused Nextbit Robin smartphone, you'll be glad to know that the device is currently going for as low as $170 in the country. Amazon is selling the phone at that price. A quick look at the listing, however, reveals that...
  3. Alexa

    Nextbit's Cloud-focused Robin Sold Out Already

    Just a day after it went on sale, Nextbit's cloud-focused Robin smartphone has gone out of stock. All variants of the device are currently listed as 'Sold Out' on the company's website. When reached out for comment, Nextbit CEO and co-founder Tom Moss said, "We are thrilled at the reaction...
  4. Alexa

    Nextbit Starts Selling Its Cloud-focused Robin Smartphone

    Nextbit's cloud-focused Robin smartphone, which recently started shipping to the initial 1,000 backers of the company's kickstarter campaign, is now available for purchase. Carrying a $399 price tag, the device is now listed on the company's website. Both mint and midnight color options are...
  5. NiceLys

    Nextbit Robin enters Kickstarter, planned as the first cloud phone

    #Nextbit #Robin is now live at Kickstarter awaiting for your support. The company employs brains from big manufacturers and intends to change the way how we use the smartphone and pave a new path for #Android. Nextbit Robin was designed not to be the pretty slippery phone like most of the...