1. Alexa

    Samsung Singapore to disable remaining Note7 devices on December 28

    According to Samsung of Singapore, more than 95% of recalled Galaxy Note7 devices have already been recovered, refunded, or exchanged for a safely-operating smartphone. However, Samsung still needs to recover the remaining number of Note7 devices that are still being used out there. In an...
  2. Alexa

    Samsung's investigation of the Note7 debacle complete, findings report sent out to labs

    We all know the sad story of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7 that lived a very short life and got recalled and discontinued due to safety concerns. Initially, Samsung had blamed a battery supplier for the issue, but as it later turned out that wasn't the case and the company struggled to...
  3. M0YAL

    Samsung apologizes to its customers over Note7

    Samsung Galaxy Note7 will go down in history as one of the biggest controversies in this business. The highly-anticipated flagship went from a bestseller to a turmoil in a matter of weeks, and the company was forced to issue an unprecedented complete recall of the device. What's done is done...