oppo a37f

  1. Naveed Ali

    OPPO A37F REMOVE PIN With MRT Dongle

    >>>Try connect to mobile...Success CPU_SN: 0x0DEC1EA6 MSM_ID: 0x007050E1 CPUÐͺÅ: MSM8916 >>>Try connect to mobile...Success >>>init mobile...Success >>>Downloading boot...Success >>>Switch mobile to RE\WR ...Success Flasy type: eMMC >>>>read mobile GPT data...Success...
  2. AIiMraN

    Oppo A37F Stock ROM (Flash File)

    Download Oppo A37F Flash File: Oppo_A37fEX_11_A.07_160614 Oppo_A37fEX_11_A.14_161014 A37f & A37FW_170522 Vibrate Only A37fEX_11_A.23_170701 A37fwEX_11_A.27_170919 How to Flash Oppo A37F: 1- Install Qualcomm Driver. 2- Make sure your device getting identified in device manager as Qualcomm...
  3. Ahmad G

    Oppo A37F Imei Done

  4. Ahmad G

    Oppo A37F Format And Reset FRP Done

  5. Naveed Ali

    Oppo A37F - Read PatternLock Done

    Operation : Read PatternLock [ v1.15 ] 1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back 2. PRESS and HOLD BOTH VOLUME KEYS! 3. Insert USB cable. In some cases require use EDL cable or TP to force EDL mode! Wait for phone... Device not found! Check cable, connection and drivers! Reconnect...
  6. A

    Oppo A37F Extract Pattern Done Just in 5 Seconds By Avenger box

    Only 5 seconds & Pattern of oppo A37F infront of eyes by avengerbox
  7. A

    Oppo A37F Safe Mode Format Done

    Oppo A37F Safe Mode Format Done In One Click By Miracle Box
  8. Silent Angel

    oppo a37f imei repair problem

    hello, i face problem to repair imei of oppo a37f. Device Info Serial number: 4491b48 Hardware: qcom Bootmode: normal Bootloader ver: unknown Revision: 0 Main version: Baseband ver: msm GSM baseband: Q_V1_P14,Q_V1_P14 GSM sim state: ABSENT,ABSENT Get Bluetooth info failed WiFi interface: WiFi...
  9. Asghar Javed

    Oppo A37F Only Read Pattern Done By Multi Unlocker Flasher King Avengers

    Oppo A37f Only Read Pattern Done By Multi Unlocker Flasher King Avengers.
  10. L

    Twrp on oppo a37f

    Guys do have any idea about this thanks..
  11. L

    Oppo a37f

    Can support twrp my oppo a37f? Pls help tnx!
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