1. Alaina

    Google introduces photos screensaver for Mac

    In a rather unusual move, Google has released a screensaver utility for the Mac. The free app can be downloaded from the company's website and integrates within the screensaver settings under macOS. Once installed, you will get all the best and most wonderful images from Google+ delivered to...
  2. Alexa

    Photos of a Nokia-branded metal phone surface

    The Nokia brand is slated to return to the phone market this year with feature phone offerings from FIH Mobile and “at least” two smartphones by HMD in Q2 next year. Could this be one of them? A post on Weibo alleges to show the metal back of an unnamed Nokia handset. And with size reference we...
  3. Princess

    More live photos of BlackBerry Venice maker the rounds online

    Another set of live photos showcasing the unannounced BlackBerry Venice made the rounds online. The high-end Android smartphone is expected to launch at some point in November on all major carriers in the United States. The latest batch of images falls right in line with past leaks. It...
  4. Princess

    Live photos offer the first real look at the Nokia C1 Android phone

    The Finnish gods of rebirth have sent an omen – live photos of the Android-powered Nokia C1. To be clear, that's Nokia Nokia, not the Microsoft sub-division. The handset looks pretty much just like the renders we saw earlier. Interestingly, the screen is now reported as 5" 1080p, rather than...