1. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - All Networks Free Internet With Psiphon v82 Handler For Android

    For TELENOR:Follow Screen Shots For UFONE: Mobile Setting: Select Orignal ufone GPRS setting Like: Name:Any(GSMdunya) APN: ufone.internet OR ufone.wap OR ufone.pinternet Proxy: Blank Port: Blank Save Setting. Handlers Setting: Tick Mark On Remove Port Proxy Type: Real Host Proxy Server...
  2. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - Zong Free Net with Psiphon App For Android

    Go to message>Write sms CFD Send to 6464 Mobile Setting: Name: APN: zongwap Proxy: blank Port: blank Save Setting. Psiphon App Setting: Psiphon App Download Links: PsiPhon (Android) - Download Enjoying and...