1. Admin

    UMTv2 / UMT Pro - QcFire v2.1 - ZTE Anakin, ZFive, QCN Read Write and more

    We are pleased to announce UMTv2 / UMT Pro Innovative and Intelligent QcFire v2.1 The Ultimate Qualcomm Tool QcFire supports hundreds more Brands and Model than listed Supported Functions - Read / Write Firmware - IMEI Repair in FTM + Flash Mode (ZTE) - Backup / Restore QCN (ZTE)...
  2. Naveed Ali

    CERT and QCN Sharing Post

    Cert_SM-G530H_355677060467699 Cert-SM-G355H_352554061599338_R21F65F8DWX Cert-SM-G357M_353283060318578_R28F608RG8E Cert-SM-G530H_00000001585678_0000000000 Cert-SM-G800M_353923060317886_RF8F8014R9F Cert-SM-G800F_352960061522321_RF8F70JJEPH Cert-SM-G850F_355210061415812_RF8F911SRF...