qmobile i9

  1. Asghar Javed

    I9 Qmobile I9 Factory File?

    any body please share i9 factory file.. without password i try 2-3 files still phone is dead after flash... before flashing phone working...
  2. Nadeem Waris


    Reading Flash Conent now ... Brand : QMobile ProdName : QMobile i9 ProdModel : QMobile i9 Device : QMobile i9 AndroidVer: 4.2.2 MTKxCPU : MT6582 MTKxPRJ : ALPS.JB5.MP.V1.6 [Read Ok] : preloader_s5501.bin [Read Ok] : MBR [Read Ok] : EBR1 [Read Ok] : lk.bin [Read Ok] : boot.img [Read Ok] ...
  3. C

    I9 QMobile i9 - 4.4.2 Flash File

    Hello, i need this file. MT6582__QMobile__QMobile i9__QMobile i9__4.4.2__ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.10
  4. Gsm-Soft

    I9 Qmobile i9 Flash File

    Qmobile i9 Firmware Android 4.2.2 Download Version: MT6582__QMobile__QMobile i9__QMobile i9__4.2.2__ALPS.JB5.MP.V1.6
  5. Admin

    I9 Hive Ui Rom for QMobile i9, mmx a120 and wiko rainbow

    Hive Ui Rom For QMobile i9, MMX A120 And Wiko Rainbow This ROM is original hive ui which comes built-in xolo smartphones. Hive UI is pretty famous for it’s nice and clean user interface and a lot of customization. Note that this ROM is 4.4.2 kitkat and you must be on kitkat fw to flash this ROM...