qmobile v5

  1. AVieira

    V5 Qmobile V5 - Flash File

    Reading Flash Conent now ... Brand : QMobile ProdName : QMobile ProdModel : V5 Device : QMobile AndroidVer: 4.2.1 MTKxCPU : MT6589 MTKxPRJ : ALPS.JB2.MP.V1.2 [Read Ok] : preloader_gionee89_dwe_jb2.bin [Read Ok] : MBR [Read Ok] : EBR1 [Read Ok] : lk.bin [Read Ok] : boot.img [Read Ok]...
  2. Nadeem Waris

    V5 Qmobile V5 Flash File

    Qmobile V5 Flash File https://mega.nz/#!7dVCnKLT!xEHWZMdqM...Iaa7MpGRbhnBzU
  3. Silent Angel

    V5 QMobile V5 - MT6589 - Firmware

    WARNING: gsmdunya.com shouldn’t be held responsible for hardware or software damages that would occur to your Mobile while following this tutorial. I recommend you to proceed at your OWN risk. Download : MT6589_QMobile_V5_QMobile_4.2.1.Zip Installation process Power on your PC as this process...