riff box

  1. Naveed Ali

    RIFF Box v1/v2 updates - 34 new models, v1.79 JTAG Manager and v1.50 Firmware

    RIFF Box v1/v2 updates, date 11.06.2018: RIFF Box Firmware v1.50 RIFF JTAG Manager v1.79 RIFF Box eMMC plugin FS Explorer v4.10 RIFF Box repair DLL-s (34 new list)
  2. Admin

    RIFF Box v1/v2 updates, 04.06.2018 40 new models

    RIFF Box updates, 04.06.2018 ZTE Blade A610 HTC Models boot repair, ISP pinout, Read/Write eMMC: HTC Desire 516 HTC Desire D728w (2PQ81000) Samsung Models boot repair, ISP pinout, Read/Write eMMC: Samsung T567V Samsung T555 Samsung T535 Samsung T377P Samsung T337T Samsung T331 Samsung...
  3. Naveed Ali

    RIFF Box v1/v2 updates, 31.05.2018 52 new models

    RIFF Box updates, 31.05.2018 Texet TM3204R Sony Models boot repair, ISP pinout, Read/Write eMMC: Sony G3221 Sony F3311 Sony F3112 Sony E5363 Sony E2312 Sony D2203 Sony C6903 Sony C6603 Sony C6602 Samsung Models boot repair, ISP pinout, Read/Write eMMC: Samsung I9506 Samsung I9308...
  4. AIiMraN

    RIFF Box updated files list (170 + models supported)

    Hello, Please take not about some changes in RIFF Box support. - Web download server (self registration required with working e-mail address) - Frequency of updates increased - Technical support at RIFF Box official forum (Support tickets) Please see bellow list of uploaded Boot repair...
  5. Abi Wyeamn

    RIFF Box Updates, 06.02.2017

    Hello, We just uploaded following DLL-s to support storage: HTC ONE M8w 4G LTE HTC Desire Eye 4G LTE EMEA M910n To download and install these files, simply click "Check for updates" button in JTAG Manager, and select new files for download.
  6. Abi Wyeamn

    Buy RIFF Box eMMC/Support Activation credits

    Hello, Starting with RIFF JTAG Manager v1.58 and RIFF Box Firmware v1.38, activation is required for all RIFF Box I hardware older than 180 days (6 months). Following can be activated: - eMMC support with 12 months updates (30 credits) - Public Certificate for Package Editor (30 credits) -...
  7. Abi Wyeamn

    RIFF Box version 2 released

    Hello there ! After six successful years since the first RIFF Box hardware was released, we’re proud to introduce our new v2 RIFF Box hardware. We did our best to develop a reliable, marvelous, yet functional device. Below you can read the basics about it. Of course, this is preliminary and...
  8. AIiMraN

    RIFF Box eMMC Activation resellers

    Hello dear visitors! Please be advised that safest and best way to purchase RIFF Box eMMC Activation credits is directly from this site (PayPal only): – Read Your BOX S/N using JTAG Manager and copy it to clipboard (ctrl+v) – Paste Box S/N to appropriate field and click “Buy Now” button. –...