riff jtag manager

  1. Naveed Ali

    RIFF JTAG Manager v1.74, RIFF Box Firmware v1.48 Turbo Mode for RIFF Box v1

    Hello dear RIFF Box users ! We're proud to announce newest updates for RIFF Box v1 and RIFF BOX v2: RIFF Box Firmware v1.48 --------------------------- - New SD/MMC Interface is added for RIFF1: the CPLD is used for data shifting at max 8MHz rate. As the eMMC signals the TDI, TMS, RTCX, and...
  2. Naveed Ali

    RIFF JTAG Manager v1.67, RIFF Box Firmware v1.43

    JTAG Manager 1.67 --------------------------- - Fixed bug (which is related to RIFFBOX2 only), which caused box connection error, after this operation: "Setting new JTAG/eMMC License to the RIFFBOX." RIFF Box Firmware v1.43 --------------------------- - Fixed bug related to RIFF Box v1 eMMC...
  3. Abi Wyeamn

    RIFF JTAG Manager v1.66, RIFF II Firmware v1.42 (10x faster)

    Hello, Please read this carefully if You are RIFF Box v2 user: RIFF JTAG Manager 1.66 --------------------------- - RIFFBOX2 support for new connection mode is added (for new Drivers) - Due to new drivers Read/Write speeds via eMMC interface increased 10 times and more - Read/Write speed is now...
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