rivo phantom pz18

  1. Rivo

    Rivo Phantom PZ18

    Rivo Phantom PZ18 - 3G Life, Smarter Phone - Rs. 11,400 // USD $109 Rivo has just introduced new Phantom PZ18, a phone that actually can prove as fourth generation companion as it is usable everywhere. Starting from its design, company has paid extra attention and provided Rivo Phantom PZ18...
  2. JamilMobile

    Rivo Mobiles Firmware (Rivo Mobiles Flash File)

    ROM Mobile RIVO PHANTOM PZ18 – ROM Android 5.0 ROM 1 – RIVO_PHANTOM_PZ18_V001_PK_WHITE – S3567_DS35671_RIVO-PZ18-WHITE_L106 – full_s3567-user 5.0 LRX21M ROM 2 – RIVO_PHANTOM_PZ18_V008_PK_GOLDEN – S3567_DS35671_RIVO-PZ18-GOLDEN_L109 – full_s3567-user 5.0 LRX21M...