t285 frp

  1. Naveed Ali

    T285 FRP Done

    Operation: Reset FRP/React/EE Selected model: SM-J510F Software version: 29.5 Searching Samsung USB Flash interface... COM14 detected Setup connection... OK Reading PIT from phone... OK Searching FRP lock... OK Erasing FRP lock... OK Reset done For complete reset FRP, goto 'Backup and reset'...
  2. A

    Samsung Tab A6 SM-T285 FRP Remove Success

    Samsung Galaxy A6 SM-T285 5.1.1 FRP Remove with Just Select in Z3X SM-J510F Enjoy
  3. Admin

    SM-T285 FRP Reset Done

    Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2.5.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Platform: Samsung Android Selected port: COM17 Selected model: SM-T285 Reset FRP/ Reactivation lock operation for SM-T285 will delete all user data...