1. Silent Angel

    Strategy Analytics: Tizen overtakes BB OS for fourth place

    There are many hopefuls in the smartphone OS race. Windows Phone (now Windows 10 Mobile) is fairly secure in its third spot, while BlackBerry held on to fourth after dropping through the ranks. It seems that the freefall of the Canadians continues and now Tizen occupies the fourth place...
  2. Samsung

    Samsung’s Tizen-powered Z3 will launch in Europe

    Samsung has big plans for Tizen, but the company’s currently focusing only on emerging markets in Asia for smartphones powered by its in-house OS. But this could change soon, as we have heard that the upcoming Samsung Z3 will be launching in Europe. The Z3 will be the first Tizen phone to make...
  3. Eliya

    FCC listing reveals alleged Samsung Z3 smartphone

    A new device with a model number of SM-Z300H has just passed through FCC, and we suspect that it could be the Samsung Z3 due to the fact that the Z1′s model name was SM-Z130H. It seems a bit out of place since there was never a Samsung Z2 despite all those rumors. The SM-Z300H is passing the FCC...
  4. Root

    Samsung unveils Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic smartwatches with circular Super AMOLED displays

    Samsung has finally unveiled its next-generation smartwatch, the Gear S2, today after teasing it during the announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. The Gear S2 is the company’s first smartwatch with a completely circular display, and Samsung has focussed a lot on the...
  5. M0YAL

    Tizen 2.4 Beta SDK has been released to developers

    If you’re a developer looking to make apps for Tizen-based devices, then you should know that an SDK for the mobile pre-release of the Tizen 2.4 beta has been released officially. Tizen 2.4 comes with many new features including the Application Background Policy which restricts CPU resources...
  6. Roma

    Tizen TV gets four new information services from Samsung

    Samsung’s Smart TV just got four additional real-time information services which greatly expand the Tizen knowledge center. The information is categorized in sports, news, entertainment and social and it’s all displayed on the right side of the window in a simple menu. As we’ve recently seen...