1. AIiMraN

    Android app development tools

    There are so many Android app development companies providing services as well as using latest tools for developing android apps. As much as I'm aware of the tools for development of android apps list is mentioned below: Android Tool 1: Eclipse w/ADT Android Tool 2: The SDK and AVD Manager...
  2. geoghotki

    MTK Droid Root Tools v2.5.3

    Listed: 01/20/2015 2:15 pm Software Version: 2.5.3 Links: Download MTK Droid Root Tools v2.5.3 is used to backup your device before doing any new roms on your device, always first backup!
  3. geoghotki

    LG Schematics Hardware Tools

    LG Schematics ----------------- xxxx LG-200 - LG-600 - LG-510w Axxx A7150 - AX275 Bxxx B1200 - B1300 - B2000 - B2050 - B2070 - B2100 - B2150 - B2250 - BL40 Cxxx C1100 - C1150 - C1400 - C2100 - C2200 - C2500 - C3300 - C3310 - C3320 - C3380 - C3400 - C3600 - CE500 -CG225 - CU320 - CU400...

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