1. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - Ufone Unlimitted Weekly Internet

    1- Dial *7811# For Weekly Light bucket/ 50 RS. 2- Select Orignal Seeting in Mobile. 3- Open Psiphone Handler PROXY TYPE: REAL HOST PROXY SERVER: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM REAL PROXY TYPE: DIRECT REAL PROXY SERVER: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM Save Setting & Enjoy DOWNLOAD PSIPHONE FROM HERE: Dropbox - Pisphon...
  2. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - Ufone Free Internet Unlimit (Your Freedom )

    Follow Screen Shots: Your Freedom - Android
  3. Sarmad Ali

    Ufone Free Internet 29/12/15

    1. Dial *60# 2.Now your upaisa acount activated. 3.In this promotion you have 1000 mb/sms/mins 4.after 24th hour you can get same Data's. 5.Just chang your upaisa acount pasword/pin. 6.Dial *786# for changing pin. thanks to meet you friends.bye..........
  4. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - All Networks Free Internet With Psiphon v82 Handler For Android

    For TELENOR:Follow Screen Shots For UFONE: Mobile Setting: Select Orignal ufone GPRS setting Like: Name:Any(GSMdunya) APN: ufone.internet OR ufone.wap OR ufone.pinternet Proxy: Blank Port: Blank Save Setting. Handlers Setting: Tick Mark On Remove Port Proxy Type: Real Host Proxy Server...