volcanobox inferno mtk

  1. Admin

    VolcanoBox Inferno MTK 1.5.4 Added HiSense T5. Brom for MTK6570 & Much More !!

    What's New in VolcanoBox Inferno MTK 1.5.4 ? World's 1st Added Support for HiSense T5 World's 1st Uploaded Manual Boot at Support area Added Support for Brom Connectivity for MTK6570 Added Support for Write Signed Factory File Fixed Write Failed While Writing Factory Files Without...
  2. Naveed Ali

    VolcanoBox Inferno MTK 1.4.1 ADDED EXCLUSIVE Full Support for MTK6570 & HIGH Boot

    Added World's 1st & Very Exclusive, Only In Inferno Added Full Support for MTK 6570 EMMCMTK6570 EMMC Success Read Info LOG... 02:54:13 Available Ports:COM1 COM3 02:54:13 Current Port:Com0 02:54:19 Current Task: Read Information(Extend) 02:54:21 02:54:21 HIGH BOOT 02:54:25 02:54:25...
  3. Naveed Ali

    VolcanoBox Inferno MTK 1.3.3 World's 1st Added Support of 99% MTK Secure Boot.Too Hot

    What's new in VolcanoBox Inferno MTK 1.3.3 ? Happy Eid World's 1st Added New Way to Boot MTK Secure Phones by this way 99% Secured Phones are Supported* by this way you can Read Extended Info of 99% Secured MTK Phones* by this way you can Read Factory File of 99% Secured MTK Phones* by...
  4. Naveed Ali

    VolcanoBox Inferno MTK 1.3.1 Network lock, Code Read, Reset 0 Counter & D/Unlock

    VolcanoBox Inferno MTK ver 1.3.1 Dear VolcanoBox & Inferno key Users, for making our software better, we make Regular updates. Every update of Inferno includes improvements for stability & bugfixes & add new things. All Volcanobox & Inferno key, Activations & Renewal Prices is 39 usd...
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