1. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - Warid Free Internet 3/6/2016

    Mobile Setting Orignal OR Apn: Internet Handlers Setting: Proxy type: dual real host Proxy server: music.waridstream.com All Important Handlers By Sarmad-Ali Decryption Key: !8UVYYp3hp8EeK8I-FNc7xe7OSFolELuJ07ymDwtbDyc
  2. Xolo

    Zong And Warid 4G Huawei Wingle E8372h-153 Unlocking Process

    1. Get the Flash Code for your device here Huawei Flash Code 2. Download following firmware for downgrade - E8372_firmware_downgrade.7z before you flash it - check and remember your current firmware version. You may need it after complete unlocking process. Download Click Here 3. Now, Connect...